404 Errors for Image Assets on Netlify Deployment

Hello Netlify Support,

I’ve deployed a static site on Netlify that is supposed to load images from a Django backend where images are uploaded directly via the admin panel. On my local development environment, everything works as expected, but after deploying to Netlify, all images are returning 404 Not Found errors.

Site URL: https://lighthearted-pika-2f33e3.netlify.app/index.html

GitHub Repository: GitHub - X-N-X-I-X-R/django_Supermarket_project

I’ve attached screenshots from the browser’s network tab showing the 404 errors for the image requests. It seems like the image paths that work locally are not being resolved correctly on Netlify.

Here are the details:

  • Images are uploaded through the Django admin and should be served via Django’s media URLs.
  • I suspect there might be an issue with the way Netlify handles the paths for these dynamically served image assets.

Could you please help me understand how to configure my Netlify deployment to correctly serve these media files from my Django backend? Is there any additional setup or configuration I need to do to ensure that image assets are loaded properly?

Attached are two screenshots highlighting the issue:

  1. Screenshot showing the network tab with 404 errors.
  2. Screenshot showing the request details for one of the images.

I appreciate any guidance or assistance you can provide.

Have you setup a way for the requests to go to your backend? Netlify doesn’t run Django.