Netlfly error 404

I renamed my main file to index.html but Netlify keeps saying error 404 whenever I deploy

@Keccweb Make sure that you’re deploying the folder & files that you think you are.

You can download your deployment and check what is in it:

I just did that and everything seems to be in order. I have two HTML files in the folder btw but I named just the home file index.html

@Keccweb I’m not sure then, as it’s hard to guess with no visibility.

Can you provide a screenshot of the names of the files, as they appear in what you download from Netlify?

Or maybe I should send you a link to the file so you can understand it better

@Keccweb You should provide any details that you can to the forum, as I don’t actually work for Netlify, I’m just a community member.

The more details there are, the easier it is for anyone that reads the thread to assist you.

Here’s the link.

@Keccweb I’m not sure how you’re deploying, if you’re doing it by the link to that repository, or if you’re doing “Drag & Drop”, but the first thing I see is that the files are in a folder called Hisnoni link tree.

If you were doing “Drag & Drop” that’s the folder you would deploy.

If you’re linking to the repository then you need to set your Publish directory to Hisnoni link tree, (but you should probably simplify it to something that’s one word, and all lowercase, just for your own sanity).

At the moment, I’d guess you’re deploying the root of that repository, and that’s why you’re ending up with a 404, if you go to your site URL and type / you’ll probably see the contents of that file.