404 and no index.html in the download

I created a netlify site for a svelte.js side-project, and it was deploying on netlify just fine. Then, the project got moved to my team’s github account: GitHub - ome/ome-ngff-validator: Web page for validating OME-NGFF files (and I have since re-forked it from there ‘will-moore’).
We want to deploy PRs there, but were originally having permissions issues (PR branch couldn’t be accessed - maybe because the github site and netlify site where owned by different users).

So, I deleted my netlify site (where this deploy was working) and my team recreated their one: Netlify App, and it seemed to fix the permissions issue. Builds are ‘green’ on at current PR: Handle no ?source=... show message by will-moore · Pull Request #8 · ome/ome-ngff-validator · GitHub

However, the site is 404 at https://ome-ngff-validator.netlify.app/

Unfortunately, I don’t have permission to download a copy of the deploy (since the site is now owned by my team) but it seems the download doesn’t contain the index.html.
The logs (e.g. Netlify App) say that the index.html was copied to dist:
But then also 12:13:20 PM: 0 new files to upload.

Any ideas what’s going on?
Many thanks,


Hey @will-moore

According to the log you linked to files where written to dist

9:13:19 PM: dist/index.html                  5.18 KiB
9:13:19 PM: dist/assets/index.51313482.css   5.66 KiB / gzip: 1.53 KiB
9:13:19 PM: dist/assets/index.3da131a7.js    160.25 KiB / gzip: 50.73 KiB

however, you deployed the public directory

9:13:19 PM: Starting to deploy site from 'public'
9:13:19 PM: Creating deploy tree 
9:13:20 PM: Post processing - HTML
9:13:20 PM: 0 new files to upload
9:13:20 PM: 0 new functions to upload

The one file in that directory (see repository) favicon-16x16.png is deployed https://ome-ngff-validator.netlify.app/favicon-16x16.png.

That’s great, thanks! https://deploy-preview-8--ome-ngff-validator.netlify.app/