SSL Provisioning is temporarily disabled

Hi. Currently in my domain name setting I see this message: “SSL Provisioning is temporarily disabled because new CertOrder creation is reaching to the limit.” But I wasn’t even trying to generate new certificates or change anything.
I should mention, that I use CloudFlare DNS (not proxified)

When i press the “Renew certificate” button I get this message “We’re having some trouble connecting you to Netlify.”

I can’t understand what happened and how to solve this problem.

Hi, @XacretT, and welcome to our community site.

We cannot issue an SSL certificate if you proxy using Cloudflare, but you were clear that you are using them for DNS only and not proxying. So, this must be something else.

I don’t see any sites for your team which are missing domains in SSL certificate. Would you please let us know which Netlify site this is happening for? Did the issue already get resolved?

I have delegated my domain ( to netlify NS and everything became normal.
At the moment I do not have time to deal with this issue, I will return to it as far as possible

Now I have another trouble with billing, which doesn’t allow me to access the dashboards for non-payment, but i have no invoices and i’ve added a valid card.

It seems that some changes are taking place in netlify, which led to extremely unpleasant events on my side.

Hi @XacretT. I helped you via email earlier today. I am hopeful we got things cleared up then but please let us know if there are any other issues we can assist you with. Thank you!

Hi. Sorry for waiting. Yes, everything is fine now, thank you for you help!

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