SSL provisioning fails all of the sudden on working site and domain

I see this message: “SSL Provisioning is temporarily disabled because new CertOrder creation is reaching to the limit.” But I wasn’t even trying to generate new certificates or change anything. This domain has been working fine for some time now, but suddenly I am seeing this error.

I do not have any subdomains, and just the standard settings put into place when I setup the site.

I have several sites on netlify, but only this one is seeing this error.

which site, please? Our team is working to mitigate the situation described here: Let's Encrypt certificate revocations 3-4 March 2020 and we are updating some certificates that are about to be revoked and it sounds like your site may have had some adverse effects…would need to know which site to look and advise though!


Hi, @twilightscapes. The renewal for this SSL certificate has succeeded now.

So, why didn’t it work before?

From the error, I believe the renewal failed due to rate limiting from Let’s Encrypt. This is likely related to their reported issue today:

And also our related incident (which was related to theirs):

Basically, we were renewing so many SSL certificates that your renewal failed.

This certificate would have renewed automatically later today (and still long before it expired). Again though, it was manually updated successfully just now.

​Please let us know if there are any other questions about this.