SSL Issues on subdomain that managed in external provider

Hi there, I have some issues on SSL on my domain that I managed in Cloudflare. The main domain ( SSL certificate is correct, but when I tried to access all of my subdomain for example in it is showing SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN.

I suspect it’s because there are no * in the Netlify dashboard? How to add it?

I already tried to set all DNS settings correctly in Cloudflare. My Netlify site is in


This is an incorrect suspicion. is configured on while is configured on So the SSL certificate for the 2013 is generated on the custom domain/SSL page for the latter project, not the former.

@dig Ah I see got it, but I use SSL certificate that Netlify provide in the dashboard not in Cloudflare. Do you have any suggestion how to fix this?

To be clear: is using branch deploy in the project of

Cloudflare has nothing to do with the SSL on your site. You are only using Cloudflare for DNS.

Branch subdomains are for use with Netlify DNS as noted in this documentation.

Reading through the follow support guide provides relevant information for your use case

Ok thanks, that what I need!

Awesome. Glad to hear you found your solution.