SSL Error - Can't Provision Certificate - Cloudfront to Netlify Subdomain

We can’t seem to get SSL to install on a subdomain in Netlify.

Our team uses Cloudfront. Nameservers are on Godaddy with an A record pointing to Cloudfront. We’ve added in the CNAME pointing to the Netlify subdomain but Netlify shows the error: doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify

Is there any fix that we can do?

Hi @hungryram

The domain isn’t served by Netlify. The Netlify site is inside a <frameset>.

While I don’t use Cloudfront I am wondering if this Support Guide on Cloudflare is relevant in this case [Support Guide] What problems could occur when using Cloudflare in front of Netlify?

We assumed SSL wouldn’t be an issue seeing that the name servers are with Godaddy, with an A record pointing to Cloudfront. So really Godaddy has all the DNS management. So just confused as to why SSL wouldn’t work

Netlify will only generate an SSL certificate when it can verify the custom domain is pointing to Netlify either by using external DNS configuration or Netlify DNS.

As previously stated is not pointing to Netlify, rather it is serving the Netlify site inside a <frameset>.