SSL certs not updating on latest deploy

Hello my site is and my custom domain is *

My SSL cert that I get from a 3rd party recently expired, so I got a whole new cert for * (with a new private key and everything) and added it as a custom cert. The process worked fine, I can see the new cert expiration date under SSL in Domain Settings. But when I navigate to the site (cleared cache and everything) I still see the expired cert and the associated error.

Anyone know what else I could look at? It’s been hours since the last deploy. Thanks.

Hi there,

I just gave you an answer in the helpdesk to this question via email, so check that out. I am pretty sure that will fix things up (TL;DR update your DNS records to point to the correct CNAME values, not the one from our docs 7 years ago :stuck_out_tongue: )