SSL CERTIFICATE not working properly

I previously set up my domain i purchased through godaddy to my netlify account in the dns settings. I then got my ssl certificate through netlify. Now when I access my website, sometimes the images are broken claiming i need a ssl certificate which i thought i already have. If someone could possibly point me in the direction to fix the issue i’d greatly appreciate it. Thank You

my site name is… I will add two screenshots below as to what I am trying to explain.

Screenshot 2023-01-02 at 3.00.54 PM

Hi again Joey,

I’m not sure those errors are coming from Netlify - the first one at least seems to be coming from the host which is some sort of image handling service separate from Netlify, that you are using per your own configuration. Can you take a closer look at the network dev tools to ensure that these are coming from Netlify vs some other service?

I did just check across our CDN and all nodes have a correct certificate for and, so I am fairly confident in saying that I think everything is working as expected on our CDN right now :slight_smile:

Okay that’s all I was wondering. It was saying SSL so I thought maybe the SSL was messed up. I will look more into the images then. Thank you so much for your input.