Sports website Migration

Here is My site:
I wanted to shift this website on netlify can anyone share the resources so that i will be able to deploy my site on netlify easily. I am not a techie guy.

To be honest, this would be a problem. You’d need to have some knowledge about at least HTML, CSS, JS to actually be able to do it. But, here are your options:

  1. If you don’t wish to add any new content, the simplest option would be to use some tool that would convert your WordPress website to static HTML which you can upload to Netlify.

  2. If you wish to use WordPress UI as a CMS for your new website, you can look for some templates based on Gatsby, Hugo or other Static Site Generators (SSGs) in which you would need little or no code, just change some values.

  3. If you wish to have full control over every aspect of your new website, choose a SSG an develop your own template. Once a template is ready, you can easily write content in plain text in most cases.

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