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SPF record not working

Our email provider contacted us yesterday that our SPF record is no longer working, but we never edited it on the Netlify DNS page. Above is Netlify’s portal that shows the SPF record and below is the screenshot sent to us by support. Our domain is sustainabiliteens.org. Thank you for looking into this.

It would only set me link one image in the post, so here is the one from our email provider’s support.

@sustainabiliteens Your other TXT entry doesn’t seem to be showing either. Is it possible that your DMARC TXT entry has a bad character in it that is zapping it and the ImprovMX TXT entries?

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My email provider first had me remove the DMARC record to rule it out, since that was the only recent addition, and then sent the screenshot later. Now the only difference is the SPF record not appearing, and nothing (aside from the DMARC record) has been changed for two months. They just checked again recently and it still isn’t appearing.

I’m guessing that is was just something that came with time. After removing the DMARC record and waiting around 12 hours, it fixed. I may end up switching back to Cloudflare to fix the lag issue.

As the old saying goes, it’s always DNS :stuck_out_tongue:

but FWIW the ‘lag issue’ is universal to everywhere. The only way to make dns record changes propagate throughout the web faster is to adjust your TTL ahead of time. Luke explains it really well here:



@sustainabiliteens Try changing your SPF record type to TXT instead.

Having a different resource record (RR) type seemed like a good idea but it never really caught on. It was officially deprecated in RFC 7208 where it was written that “SPF records MUST be published as a DNS TXT (type 16) Resource Record (RR) RFC 1035 only.”