Specific index.html in build comes from very old cache

Hi there,

we host the page www.wingsforlife.com on your infrastructure. It’s static generated nuxt framework, so it builds the index-pages as html.

The problem is … the path “…/us/” is caching an old version of this index-file (which is build statically and lies in the folder /us on the server). But this only when visiting from the united states. Outside, it get’s the correct file.


We already tried to clear netlify cache and build again, but still the same behaviour.

Could you purge the cache manually just for checking if this might come from an issue with your cdn? I understand, that index-files are on a different cdn infrastructure then assets like js-files, right?

Thanks and Best regards, Christian

I just saw, the the section “Post-Processing” was skipped for some of our deploys the last weeks. For Example for deploy 650157cd5cb0820008f4ebef (hope the id helps)

Looks like its working again. Would be interesting to know, if this issue seemed familiar somehow though.

We’d need a HAR file or x-nf-request-id response header to check for issues like these.