SOC-2 Report - where can i find one?

Hi Guys,
Does anyone know where I can find a SOC-2 report for Netlify?
I have a very security conscious client who is asking for one before we put their site up on Netlify.
Many thanks,

Hi Rog,

For these types of security requests and reviews our security page (link)is what is available for self serve customers. Any documentation or in depth security reviews are only available for our enterprise customers since we need NDAs in place to share.

If that is of interest, let us know and someone from our business team can reach out to help.


Would also appreciate this report if possible?

hey david, somene from the team will reach out to you - i passed along the email address associated with your forums account.

Do you have a SOC 3 Report for self-serve customers? It doesn’t need an NDA.

Sorry, we don’t have one of those. I can confirm that we are SOC 2 certified and that certification is current, in case you are just filling out a checklist and need to check it off.

We did talk with our compliance officer who pointed out that SOC 3 just a summary of SOC 2, and our sales team would be able to share that SOC 2 report with you, assuming you wanted a custom contract with us.

We don’t have anything we can share beyond that, for folks who are not interested in a higher plan; that is a feature of our higher plans to see those kinds of details (tis no secret that we are SOC 2 compliant; to see more details about that, or our penetration testing results, is something that is limited to Enterprise customers, though).

Let me know if you’d like our sales team to contact you, and I’ll have them get in touch.

Hi and sorry for the up. Are there any changes with SOC 3 Report?

hi @BBernard - no changes, I’m afraid. Can i get you in touch with someone to discuss a SOC2 report instead?