Slow video using Git LFS with Bitbucket


On the website, the first element visible in the homepage contains a video (intro.mp4 124.3 mb). I noticed that the loading is super slow and I don’t understand why.

Since Netlify’s Large Media is deprecated, I used Git LFS with Bitbucket to store the mp4. The loading speed was not slow before so I’m wondering if this is not because I reached a bandwidth limit somewhere. This leads to another interrogation: is this mp4 loading from Bitbucket’s servers or is it downloaded and stored in Netlify at build time?

Thank you for reading and helping me :slight_smile:

Netlify do not “shape” bandwidth, you’re just charged for excess bandwidth consumption as per the plan pricing → $55 per 100GB.

Where the site loads the video from is down to how you have your site built.

Your video is playing from Netlify:

Ok thank you for the information, but I’m not sure how it tells me why the loading of the file is slow.

@Mickael_Chanrion It doesn’t, but can you point me to where Netlify claim to offer fast video streaming?