LFS, How long it will take?

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Hi all, we are deploying a ecommerce customer. They have about 5k images of products. So we are using netlify LFS. I think I have set up LFS correctly and started to commit images to b github. How long should it take for me to see the results.

It’s a bit hard to check the progress and see if everything is going ok.

Any pointers, logs to keep an eye on?


I don’t think you need LFS to store images. LFS is useful to store individual files that are large in size, it won’t make any difference if you use 1000s of small files.

That being said, LFS on Netlify is useful when you have enabled LFS on your GitHub account. That’s how it works, I guess.

Lastly, as soon as your commits are pushed to your repository, Netlify detects it and starts building your website. The build time of the website depends on what framework you’re using. Gatsby takes long time to build, while Hugo is super fast.

If it’s hard for you, it’s even harder for anyone else as we (non-Netlify staff), don’t have access to your account’s logs, or your repository or basically anything apart from this thread that could tell us what’s going wrong.

Hi, @grynn-in. I don’t see that site at Netlify anymore.

It sounds like you want to use Git LFS and GitHub. Note, you Large Media is one Git LFS service. GitHub has it’s own Git LFS service. You can use one but not both. Using either one is possible with Netlify.

If you are using GitHub’s LFS service, then add the GIT_LFS_ENABLED environment variable as found in our documentation here:


Note, only use that environment variable is using a Git LFS service other than Large Media. With Large Media that environment variable is not used. It is required for any/all other Git LFS services besides Large Media.

If you want to use Large Media, there is a process to install and configure the Large Media add-on for the site at Netlify. There is documentation about that install process here:

​Please let us know if there are other questions about using Git LFS with sites at Netlify and we will be happy to answer.

Thanks Luke. I have sent you a DM with the api id. Hope that helps. We have a business account. Thanks

Hi, @grynn-in. I did reply to the DM and created a support ticket as well since you are on a paid account. The issue with the deploy in question doesn’t appear to be Large Media related and I’ll follow-up with this issue in the ticket.

If you don’t receive the support ticket email though, please reply here anytime to let us know.

Thank you indeed. Will also do a git lfs push all origin and see if that helps. (saw somewhere in the article). Regards