Slow TTFB Times for Netlify Servers

We are in the last stages of optimising a new site:

We are seeing some strange fluctuations in TTFB (server response) times. They range from about 0.6 seconds to over 3 seconds. Obviously we are aiming to hit the 200ms requirement from Google. I’ve done a HAR recording so you can have a look through. On the recording TTFB was 900ms on this occasion.

Any help would be much appreciated, so we can build a much more consistent Pagespeed Score. (1).har (7.0 MB)

You’re using Nuxt in SSR mode, so this is expected. You’re not using a CDN at this point, instead all your requests (except the ones to a static file) are being executed from us-east-1.

As you can see in your function logs:

Some requests take over a second to respond.

You can try switching to netlify-edge preset in Nuxt, so that would use Netlify Edge Functions, which are global and faster. However, you won’t be able to use most of the Node Modules with that yet as Edge Functions run on Deno.

Thanks Hirishikesh,

We’ll give that a shot and see how we get on. I appreciate you giving some feedback.