"Sites" dashboard only shows Sites that I've starred

When I click on Sites in the Netlify dashboard I’m only shown sites that I’ve starred.

If I unstar a site, it disappears from this list but can still be found via Search.

A search that should bring up starred + unstarred sites will only show starred sites.

A search that only results in unstarred sites works as expected.

The pagination buttons at the bottom are only active when there’s enough starred sites to generate multiple pages. I currently have 16 starred sites, so 1 full page + 1 site on page 2.

My team’s Sites page: Netlify App
An unstarred site that doesn’t show up in the list: “inl-demo”

  • I’m on the free plan.
  • I’ve tried multiple browsers, no cookies, etc.
  • I have other Netlify accounts that do not experience this issue.

Having more than 1 page of Starred sites is the cause of this bug. Unstarring/starring a 16th site reproduces/fixes this behavior

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Hey there, @epl-m :wave:

Thanks so much for coming back and sharing the solution! We appreciate it.

Happy building :rocket: