Sites created via API not displaying in sites list

We use Heroku for our backend and Netlify for our frontend. In order to create a solution where we could have review apps that are linked between frontend and backend, we created a script that runs on our backend deploys to create a new netlify site, connect it to git, and build/deploy.

This was working fine for a while, but I’m running into a strange issue where the sites that we’re creating are not showing up in the list. So even though I can visit (site name 6754-direct-to-login) I can’t actually see the site listed. This is a problem because if we update our frontend code we have to manually trigger a new build (not ideal, I know).

Is there a reason that sites created via the API (I’m using a personal access token) might not show up in the sites list? I checked my personal “organization” as well and nothing.

Also, I know that Netlify review apps are a thing, but we decided to do everything from Heroku to avoid any kind of race conditions for when branches are pushed.


Hiya @Jake_Dluhy_PP and welcome to our community!

I can see your site in our dashboard, here:

Perhaps you are looking in the wrong team for the sites?

HI @fool thanks for the welcome! I can see it there now (I swear when I looked last time it wasn’t there). Looks like we need to define the account slug for our api request.

Thanks for your help!

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