Site suspended... after two failed `netlify deploy`s?

Been using Netlify to host a personal Hugo blog for the last month or so (auto-deployed from github), and the free testing plan.

Within the past half hour or so I find the “Site has been suspended” and I have no idea why. The only clue I have is that I did install netlify-cli earlier today and experiment withnetlify deploy. That deploy failed twice with:

CDN diffing files...    TimeoutError: Promise timed out after 1200000 milliseconds

Any help gratefully received.


hi there, can you tell us the name or API ID of the site this is regarding, please? we can take a look. thanks!

Would this link be enough or would you need the contents of

Thanks so much.

(If I broke some kind of rule, I’d like to know how to avoid doing so in the future. I realise that being on the free plan (for now, at least), I can squeal too loudly.)

hi there, thanks for letting me know. we are investigating this and will let you know as soon as we have a little bit more information to share!

Hey @salopst!

We’re very sorry for the interruption.
I just re-enabled your site, so anything should be working as expected. If anything seems wrong, please feel free to follow up here.

Heads up:
There is a bug in the toml config that you modified after copying from our docs.

# A redirect rule with many of the supported properties
  from = "/reddit"
  to = ""
  status = 200
  force = true # COMMENT: ensure that we always redirect
    X-From = ""
    X-Fake = "Io lo voglio sapere!"

  query = {id = ":id"}

since TOML does not care about indentation, but behaves more like an ini file with sections, this config means that query is a key in redirects.headers which is not a valid configuration, since header properties need string values.

Have fun building your site at Netlify!


And now my idiocy is on display for the world to see for generations to come! Damn you, whitespace!

Was it really the TOML issue that led to the suspension, though?

Thanks, Marcus, for getting back to me. I appreciate it.

That lead to some other complications which are now fixed, so even if someone does it again, it just won’t work as expected, but at least the site won’t have to be disabled.