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Site not displaying updated GitHub commits

Netlify site name: tolksblog.netlify.app
Actual site: tolks.me

I’m struggling to figure out why my GitHub is updating properly and everything I want to be displayed is there under my repo but not displayed to my actual site through Netlify? I didn’t have this problem before and can’t figure out what I might have changed.

My deploy and build settings are attached and linked to my repository and I don’t have a problem publishing my deploys so I’m confused and any help would be greatly appreciated.


From what I can see, your commit history does match with your website. For example, see this date:

That’s in sync with the date here:

Is there something precise you can point us to? As in, what exactly is not changing?

Furthermore, I’m seeing you’ve a service worker. Does removing that help?

When you created the repository on GitHub you selected initializes remotely containing a README.md file. The next step would be to run git clone github.com/username/repo.git in your terminal. At this point you have a local copy on the GitHub repository, so you would then move in your project files. Run git add * then git commit -m ‘first commit’ then git push origin master. Your changes should now be visible on GitHub.

What service worker are you referring to here?

A more specific example would be the src/pages/index page. If you click the link to to the main website here and then also navigate to the “Deploys from GitHub” underneath the main website, you can clearly see the src/pages/index page with committed changes that are not showing on the main site.

Thanks for the help!

I believe @hrishikesh is referring to this service worker which makes site content available offline.

Searching this forum (and no doubt other forums) will show an abundance of issues with sites not updating due to services workers.

You say it’s not showing on the main website. What are you seeing? We’re seeing everything just like the thumbnail.

I can see everything in the thumbnail as well.

I’m referring to the GitHub repo having more recent updates that aren’t displaying on the thumbnail or actual site. For example the src/pages/index in the GitHub repo is updated with results that aren’t showing on the actual site.

Ahh I didn’t even realize, thanks for the links and will look into it!

That’s what I’m trying to ask. What are those changes that you are expecting to see? The latest commit seems to have modified the GraphQL query in src/pages/index.js.

This would be the index page I’m expecting to see displayed. I think it was a few commits ago but is clearly in the src/pages/index on GitHub but not displaying on tolks.me
As you can see, there are a few paragraphs and changes made that were committed that aren’t showing.

This is what I was talking about. Now I see the problem.

Do you see a change when you clear cache and deploy?

Just tried and no change when clearing cache and deploying

Just want to also add that I believe I removed the service worker as you/coley suggested as well and it didn’t after clearing cache and retrying deploy as well. I don’t see any other obvious problems and have no problem git cloning it locally with everything present and the build process states that it was git cloned properly as well just as all the Netlify builds are so I’m kind of stumped for the time being.

Again, thanks for the help.

All your data is here:

In the <Helmet> tag, which is basically imported from react-helmet. It only adds content to the document head. I’d advise to try building locally to check.

Okay that was definitely the problem and everything seems to be working now. Feel stupid for missing that so thanks for the patience and help!!