Site it missing from the team account, subsequently new builds are not deployed

We are having issues updating and making new releases to our site. We attempted to deploy updates and see that the live site did not version up and does not include any new changes. The last time we had a successful frontend deployment to this site was about 4 months ago. It looks like the last time Netlify accessed our connected code repository was on 2022-10-18, which matches up with our last successful deployment.

  • Site Name:

  • Team: pulseM

  • Both users with owner and collaborator roles can not see the site

  • Latest build the dashboard shows has date Apr 30, 2020

  • Clicking a build in the “Builds” tab leads to a “Page not found, You might not have permissions to see this page.”

  • Clicking the “Go to deploy details” button under the latest build does not display deploy logs, it continuously loads.

What insight can be provided on the cause and solution to this issue?
Thank you!

Hi @xavier_molyneaux,

I can see, there have been some deploys recently. Have you managed to resolve this?