Site is down - DNS appears to resolve but site does not load

Hi, my site is down. DNS appears to resolve fine but the site does not load for any visitor. The site is with a custom domain

@aninchat I see a Wix holding page:

Make sure to follow the guide here:

Netlify’s Load Balancer IP Address of is there… but the others are IP’s for Wix.

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This is weird. So, I had this domain hosted on Wix for a long time, and eventually migrated to Netlify. This has been working for over a year until my domain expired and I renewed it a few days back. The site was back up for a day and then it went down again.

Let me follow the instructions in the article article again.

Hi @aninchat,

I’m showing you have a DNS Zone here:

… and that the Zone is inactive:

dig NS +trace | tail -n 6
;; Received 455 bytes from in 57 ms	86400	IN	NS	86400	IN	NS
;; Received 98 bytes from in 29 ms

You can follow our Support Guide here:

The guide walks through what issues an inactive DNS zone can cause, and the solutions for fixing.

I do see that you have External DNS configured properly:

host has address mail is handled by 10 mail is handled by 20 mail is handled by 30 mail is handled by 40 mail is handled by 50
host is an alias for has address has address has IPv6 address 2600:1f18:16e:df00::64 has IPv6 address 2600:1f18:2489:8200::c8

Since you want to use External DNS, you should remove the DNS Zone here.

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It’s strange. I had my website on Wordpress, then moved it to Netlify, and it worked fine for over a year. But after renewing my domain a few days ago, the site was up for a day, then went down again.

@eric45 When you say you ‘renewed your domain’, did it ‘expire’ at any stage?
If so, it’s entirely possible Wix adjusted values on you, likely to switch it to their holding page.

If you were previously using Netlify DNS, (not Wix DNS), then you would set up the Name Servers as per:

If you’re using Wix’s DNS then you would set it up as per the documentation I originally linked: