My static site is failing to resolve at my custom domain

Site: https:// main–
Custom domain: (also

The site is there when I go directly. I’m using your auto-configured DNS. The browser claims “the site took too long to respond” when I go via the custom domain.

Note, I have the same problem with my branch deploys. They broke first, and then the main site went down a few days later. Again, each of the * domains work; only the custom domains fail.

Staging Branch deploy: ==>
Dev Preview 1 branch deploy: ==> preview-1–

nslookup seems to be resolving DNS for each of the custom domains. I don’t know what the right IP is supposed to be, but I’m at least seeing one. From there, it heads into the opaque land of your DNS internal config / server config. Please help!

Ah, looks like our registrar settings somehow got changed, and the domain is no longer pointing to your nameservers. I’m getting that fixed now.

Will update this ticket if that doesn’t resolve the problem, or close it if it does.