Site deployed but files not added

Hi all,
I am an absolute newie and I am stuck! I deployed my site and it all seems fine. However, when I put any city/location in the search bar, the information such as temperature changes. But the corresponding image doesn’t show. e.g, it is a cloudy day in Paris, but there is no image, just the alternative text description of the image. I then downloaded the zip files of the deployed site and it is missing my src file which is on Github. I tried removing it, deploying the site, then adding it again but that doesn’t work. The deploy log also says ‘no new files added’, even though I did add them right before I deployed the site. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.


Are you able to share the last successful deploy log, and link to the repository you are deploying from?

Of course! Here is the github link : sojoz/weather-app-jz (, and I will paste the deploy log (once I figure out how because I cant have more than 4 links or something)

Here is a link to download the deployed file. I couldnt paste it jere due to the limited links.

Is issue is the images within index.js are not processed by parcel.

With parcel, you would need to use a plugin such as parcel-reporter-static-files-copy to copy these images to the output directory.

Everything might work find in development mode because of the way many frameworks run. This isn’t a Netlify-specific issue because the same occurs locally when running npm run build.

Another option is to import the image individually in index.js e.g.

import rainIcon from "./svg/rain.svg"

// more code

weatherIcon.src = rainIcon;

// more code

as parcel will then process them.

I think I understand what you are saying. So I have to write code for each icon to import it into the index.js file?

Amazing! It works! Thank you so much for your help!

That is correct.

Also the “Thunderstorm” image

else if ([0].main == "Thunderstorm") {
    weatherIcon.src = "src/svg/thunderstorms.svg";

is incorrect as there is no thunderstorms.svg. There is a thunder.svg and other files with thunderstorms in the name though.

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