Site changes not persisting

Right now I am also getting the same issue, my developer has sent latest version of UI which I published on netlify by using cli. My changes didn’t reflected. Then I created new site and deployed it worked.
But it’s not the solution, because I had to remap domain and all the alias which headache.
Can anyone has solution for this issue ?

Hi, @sachin.karale, and welcome to our Netlify site. The issue above was caused by an invalid DNS configuration on the end user’s local system. It wasn’t a Netlify issue above.

This means the issue you experienced is most likely different. In order to answer your questions, we’ll need more information to research it.

Would you please send us a link to the deploy which didn’t update? Also, would you please send us a URL for an asset which should have updated with that deploy but did not? What changes were expected but did not occur for that asset?

If there are questions for Netlify, please let us know and we’ll be happy to answer.

thanks for the response @luke. Shall I continue the thread or open new topic ?

Hi there, I started a new thread. If you let us know the information luke asked for, we can investigate :slight_smile:

Hey Sorry, I am too late for the reply that issue has been resolved our auto-publishing option was disabled.

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