Site cannot be accessed broken link or url that doesn't exist

Hi @MoeGropp

Have you read through this support guide

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Yes. I downloaded all of the deploys. Each one have the same files in them. Here are the screen shots.

P.S. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly :slight_smile:


If you read the first line of the support guide it states

We attempt to serve only /index.html in case you try to load your site without a path

You don’t have an index.html, you have a weather.html.

Can you share the publish repository you are deploying from?

It’s fixed! Thank you so much for your help.

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Hello, please i also have the same problem what can I do to solve this issue?

HI @charlene

Change the filename from weather shecodes 12 update (1).html to index.html.

Please help to resolve the issue. I am first time trying to deploying and the method opted is manually

Deploy log:
11:22:19 AM: Creating deploy upload records
11:22:44 AM: Starting post processing
11:22:44 AM: Post processing - HTML
11:22:45 AM: Post processing - header rules
11:22:45 AM: Post processing - redirect rules
11:22:45 AM: Post processing done
11:22:45 AM: Section completed: postprocessing
11:22:48 AM: Site is live :sparkles:

Page Not Found

Looks like you’ve followed a broken link or entered a URL that doesn’t exist on this site.

Deploy summary

  • 182 new files uploaded
    1 generated page and 181 assets changed.

New pages include:

  • themes/

  • No redirect rules processed
    This deploy did not include any redirect rules. Learn more about redirects.

  • No header rules processed
    This deploy did not include any header rules. Learn more about headers.

  • All linked resources are secure
    Congratulations! No insecure mixed content found in your files.

  • No edge functions deployed
    This deploy did not include any edge functions. Learn more about Edge Functions.

hi @dinesh9

Can you show a screenshot of your files structure? You need to have an index.html file on your root folder since that’s what we’ll be looking for.