Site cannot be accessed broken link or url that doesn't exist

Hi, I have been trying to deploy my site according to Netifly it is live but it cannot be accessed.


My code is on Github.
I definitely have an index.html file and the code works just fine locally.

if the code works fine locally, it sounds like this is an issue with your build settings on netlify - they might be pointing to the wrong directory or similar.

did you read through this already?


I had, but i guess I did not look at it properly. I have now moved the index.html out of the html folder and it works just fine. thank you.

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glad it worked :muscle:

So, i have a static website which is cofigured by require.js library, I have a couple of pages, contact, projects, project’s individual pages and index page. since index page doesnt needs js, i set the base url as projects.js. It deploys properly, i see index.html even in the deployed folder but i still am unable to resolve the issue. what should i do?

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Can you share the URL for your site, as well as your Netlify site name? This will help us look into this further.

Thanks for replying, it was a configuration error on my end. solved it!

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Hello, for a few days now I want to deploy applications from react. I don’t know what’s going on, please help. Other apps were no problem. I’ve successfully deployed my site, but still see “Page Not Found”. API ID : cd2fe6a0-7e1a-4770-8605-b4d05e7aee46
thank you!

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Welcome to the Netlify Forums! Did you read the Support Guide and follow the steps listed? Let us know if that didn’t work.

@afsheen, thanks for sharing your solution with us!

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This my app. There are two pages totally, the register page and the login page. The register page is the home page ,which will be ,which contains a link to the login page which is Authentication app.

The home page loads fine, and if i click the link to the login page,then also,the login page loads properly.

But,if i enter the login page URL (/login) in the address bar , it shows this error

Page Not Found

Looks like you’ve followed a broken link or entered a URL that doesn’t exist on this site.

My site details: Netlify App

Hi, @balajiganesh. We have a support guide for this exact issue here:

If there are other questions after reading that, please let us know.

Hi team!!

I have a very weird deployment issue. My app has been deployed, and login and registration components work just fine. Also, main View is also shown perfectly and most of the rest of the views (I use React). However, when I click on “my profile”, it doesn’t run and says Site cannot be accessed broken link or url that doesn’t exist.

It all works locally and the weirdest thing is that I already deployed a site with the same structure (and that feeds from the same API and db) on netlify whose profile view works fine! That is why I am very confused. Do you have any fresh ideas to solve this? thanks!!

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Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the Netlify Forums. Sorry to hear you are encountering this. Can you please share your most recent deploy log as well as your netlify site name?

Hi! thanks for your fast reply!

that’s the link The app loads and works, but I can’t access to /my-profile for some reason it displays the error " Site cannot be accessed broken link or url that doesn’t exist". To access it you need to create a user.

It is very weird cause I also have this other app that works fine, and has the absolute same config and deployment :confused:

about my deploy log:

Thanks a lot for the help!

hi there, are you absolutely sure that the page you are trying to load exists?

Yeah! I also thought so, but it is. You can see the project in my GitHub GitHub - iamnachoj/Bukness-client: Client-side block built with React for Bukness application

There is a profile view component and works totally locally. I still didn’t find the solution

Hi @iamnachoj,

What happens when you add the following redirect rule:

/* /index.html 200?

Hi @hrishikesh ! Where do you mean exactly? I don’t know where should I add that :sweat_smile:

Give me if possible more details I am more than happy to try :slight_smile:

Here’s what I still see.:

I am pretty fresh in this and perhaps there is a problem with my lack of knowledge over deploying sites on netlify. But again, the thing that I can’t quite get is that the app works absolutely fine locally.

Thanks again for all your help

Hi again, here I bring one screenshot to show all that’s happening. I can’t post more cause I am a new user.

There is a main-view once a user logs in. The page works fine on netlify, and can be scrolled down, click on the books “open” button to display more info, and everything works perfectly:

However, when I click on the user, and then in account, there is when it crashes. When in theory it should display this (taken from my local server):

I hope this info helped and someone can have a better idea of why it isn’t load. :slight_smile: and thanks again to all the community for having a look and helping :slight_smile:

Hi @iamnachoj,

You need to create a file named _redirects in your public folder. That file should have those contents I mentioned above. Let us know how it goes.