Site can’t provide a secure connection

I am trying to switch a custom domain from one Netlify site to another.

The custom domain is and

The Netlify sites are:

I have updated the DNS records in my domain provider (porkbun) to use the Netlify values.

When I navigate to the custom domain, I get the following error in the browser:

"This site can’t provide a secure connection. uses an unsupported protocol.


In the Domain section of Netlify, the DNS records display the old site but in the Sites section, is attached to the current site.

HTTPS is enabled via Let’s Encrypt in Netlify.

Both domains are “still awaiting external DNS”…but I’m not sure I buy that because the old site always showed.

It’s been over 24hrs since I applied the change from the old site to the new.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

That’s not what I see.

For the apex I don’t see the apex load balancer IP or domain but two non-Netlify IP addresses

% dig	5	IN	A	5	IN	A

Likewise for the www subdomain CNAME, the value is not that of either the Netlify sites above.

% dig	600	IN	CNAME	60	IN	A	60	IN	A

Correct values for external DNS are found in Configure external DNS for a custom domain | Netlify Docs

Do also note the addresses are not but

About this…

Have you added the domain to Netlify DNS? You only add a domain (under<TEAM-NAME>/dns) if you are using Netlify DNS. Currently uses Porkbun DNS not Netlify DNS. If you wish to use Netlify DNS and not Porkbun, check out Delegate your domain to Netlify | Netlify Docs

And the reason you are seeing this message

is because of the inaccurate domain configuration outlined above.

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I agree with everything @jasiqli said :point_up: (thank you!) and I would add that if you do choose to use external DNS, you’ll want to delete the inactive DNS zone here as that has been known to cause problems with SSL cert provisioning. To learn more about inactive DNS zone check out this support guide here.

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Thank you for the responses!

This is what I have in Porkbun:

I updated the NS values to the Netlify values AFAIK. Do I need to update the CNAME? I didn’t see any instructions for that, except for a subdomain but that doesn’t apply to me I think.

Have you added the domain to Netlify DNS?

I’m not sure. I think? I’m not sure what “delegate” means here. I followed the instructions in the link you sent (AFAIK!) and now I’m in this situation. I updated the NS records in my domain registrar (Porkbun) to with the Netlify values…does that mean I’m delegating the domain to Netlify?

Should I just delete the DNS zone thingys in Netlify? Do I need to change the NS settings in Porkbun?

Thank you again for your help!

whois shows is still using Porkbun DNS

% whois | grep -i 'name server'
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:
Name Server:

as does a dig trace

% dig +trace | tail -n 6
;; Received 707 bytes from 2001:dcd:3::10#53( in 14 ms	52	IN	A	52	IN	A
;; Received 79 bytes from in 16 ms

as per [Support Guide] How to detect and fix inactive Netlify DNS zones

Delegate in this instance means setting the Nameservers to Netlify’s as in the screenshot. However, this isn’t (as shown above) actually the case.

If using Netlify DNS, no CNAME is required, only when using external DNS.

I might try that and get the domain configured using external DNS first (that requires removing the Netlify NS records.) Once that is working, try delegating to Netlify again.

This is the official Porkbun documentation for changing nameservers

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I might try that and get the domain configured using external DNS first (that requires removing the Netlify NS records.) Once that is working, try delegating to Netlify again.

Ugh delegating to Netlify breaks my email (provided by porkbun). I guess I need to now start a support thread with them to figure out how to get around that.

On the porkbun documentation, it says:

Changing nameservers from Porkbun to another DNS host will usually break any Porkbun-hosted services such as web hosting and email. Make sure your new DNS host is set up to answer requests for these services before you change nameservers.

Is there a Netlify doc to help me with this?

All this stuff is so confusing.

All I want is the Netlify site (stellular-sorbet-dbf919) to “use” the domain.

I don’t care where the DNS records are, who’s delegating what…all I want is to see my website when I got to

AND I want my email to work! Why is this so difficult

Looking back at the screenshot you posted, it seems Porkbun isn’t hosting email but forwarding it (based on the MX record So yes, there is a possibility this might break. Before delegating to Netlify you would configure all necessary records. See

The Porkbun How to Set Up Email Forwarding Service - Porkbun Knowledge Base says nothing about using this service when DNS is delegated elsewhere, but my guess is it will only work when Porkbun DNS is used. Netlify doesn’t offer email service
[Support Guide] How can I receive emails on my domain?
Depending on your requirements I would personally suggest Zoho as it is easy to set up and pretty cheap (you can even start for free.)

The simplest option then to remain using Porkbun DNS and follow the Configure external DNS for a custom domain which keeps DNS in Porkbun and requires you to only set up two records: one for the apex and one for the subdomain

This way no impact to email or any other services set up in Porkbun will occur.

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