Site builds now show Netlify - "Page Not Found" Error

Site Name: preston2021

Branch Deploy: fix-building@4743260

One of our content editors tried to push a build from Wordpress and it failed. To fix this issue we changed from npm to yarn in the toml file, removed the package-lock and pushed a yarn.lock file. (This has worked for other sites in the past)

The site builds locally and appears to build fine on netlify. However, when I try to view the branch deploy it shows the page not found error. I downloaded the deploy files as recommended and the only files in the zip are _redirects and the netlify.toml file. I confirmed the publish directory is set to public.

Your site is using yarn build as the publish directory:

Thank-you! I feel a bit embarrassed, spent an ungodly amount of time failing to debug this, cant believe I missed that.