Site alive after deleted

yesterday I deleted site from my account but the site keep on responding.
How is it possible? The site doesn’t live anymore and it is not accessible because it doesn’t exit in my page’s site.
Can you help us?

Hey @chaos

What is (was) the site name e.g Is that still accessible?

I see is still active in Cloudflare DNS. is not accessible because I deleted it yesterday.
About Cloudflare DNS, I don’t see any DNS records of in my cloudflare DNS page.
Any ideas?
Thnks for reply

I see

% dig	300	IN	A	300	IN	A

Those address seem to be of cloudflare.
Can I solve? I’m thinking of writing a letter to Cloudflare support? is it right?

If you are certain there are no DNS records for that sub-domain, perhaps check out the Cloudflare Community