Simple Form notification email template

So I realise this is probably concidered out of scope and it’s better for you that we use external services like Zapier or our own Function, but a basic ability to template the Forms submition notification email would be very nice.

I’d be happy with text only and a way to add a tag for the content of each form field. Simple default handling of those pesky edges cases like multi line would be fine to. It doesn’t need to be pretty - just ability to add some text.

Actually a simple header text option would work with the rest of the email using the existing format. I’d imagine a text box in the Forms settings with an equivalent setting for code in a new file or the existing config file.

Or even an example function template - though that would have to use another email service.


hey slim, thanks for your feedback.

Let me run this by someone who is currently out - and we’ll let you know a bit more information.

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Hi @slim,

Form Submission notifications are really meant as a means to just receiving submissions in a pretty raw way. A Netlify Function in conjunction with Nodemailer would definitely be a way to accomplish what you described.

You can see an example here: that should be pretty straightforward to adapt into a function.

Let me know if that helps.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I guess there are a number of services.

Making the email template easy to change by system admin staff is a bit harder. Hence my suggestion of a netlify edit control for setting the introductory block of text.

Looking into Nodemailer’s many options I see it’s easy enough to provide a template file. ftw!


Sounds good! If you get the chance, you could share your solution here. Have a great day!

In the end i went for the GSuite gmail REST api

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