Customizing the Notification Emails

Hello All,

When we started off with Netlify, we saw that there were Template formats when we had enabled the Netlify Identity and we could add/modify content on those emails. For instance, we could add more text on the Confirmation Email sent when someone registered on the website.

Now, we see that this section has been removed and upon searching, the docs say we can customize them as html files and place them in specified folders (Identity-generated emails | Netlify Docs).

Thanks for adding up this feature.

So is it as simple as we create the templates in a folder say ./emails/ and fill in the templates.

Is there any specific naming convention that we need to follow for the correct file to be sent ? For instance, say invite.html for invitation via Netlify or say confirm.html for Confirmation Email?

Also, what other settings need to be updated - I assume if we are using netlify’s as sender, we do not need to update the email settings. We need to in case we want those emails to go from the client’s email.

Any insight and leads would be appreciated.


@theSids The answer to most (perhaps all) of your question is in the documentation.

You can customize the Identity-generated emails by creating new templates and publishing them to a path on your deployed site, then specifying the path to the template file (relative to the site domain, starting with a / ) in Site settings > Identity > Emails .

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Thanks Nathan. So there is no hidden caveat to this and it is as simple/complex as it is mentioned on those pages.

Thanks again for confirming.