Possible to send Forms email notifications as HTML instead of Plain Text?

Is there a way for me to configure email notifications sent from Netlify Forms submissions to be sent in HTML format instead of Plain Text format?

The reason I’m asking: Our Netlify site (Site name: cor-prod) has a contact form that uses Netlify Forms, and sends email notifications to our client’s customer service team. Our client’s customer service team says they currently receive the Forms notifications in Plain Text format. When they reply to a customer, they have to convert the email from Plain Text format to HTML format (so that their email signature is properly formatted) before they compose a reply. They say this is an extra step and would like the Forms email notifications to already be in HTML format. If there’s a way to do this, let me know. Otherwise I’ll respond to the client that this is not possible.

There is a way to do this, but it’s not built in, and it is a bit of work. Instead of a form notification email you can use a Netlify Function. Functions can trigger on events, such as a form submission:

Basically, you create a Netlify Function called submission-created.js and you use that function to let a third party mail service that supports HTML emails (Nodemailer for example) send the notification for you.

There’s a pretty elaborate tutorial of about the same technique which you can find here:

Probably not the answer you were hoping for, but at least know there’s a workaround.