Shopify Build Form breaks

I have a form on my website that works when I build using github from the master branch. But when I add a product to my shopify store and the site rebuilds using the build hook I have set up the Form suddenly does not work. I assume it is because when the build is done I get a message like this

“No redirect rules processed”

how can I fix this?

To clarify, form has nothing to do with the redirect rules mentioned there.

Does your build log mention the form was detected? If not, the HTML is the problem as there doesn’t exist any form with Netlify attributes. If the build log says form found and if it’s still not working, then it’s a problem.

In any case, a link to the page with form would help.

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Ok good to know.

The Build log detects all the form fields. the only difference I noticed between building via a push to master and a product change in shopify is that the build log is detecting the form fields all at once in a github build and the form fields are interrupted in a shopify hook build

Shopify Build Hook

The Site is

Build from a Push to master branch

That’s indeed a strange behaviour.

However, what exactly do you mean when you say the form does not work? Do you get some error? I just submitted (empty) form and got the (default) success page.

It is working now because my last build was one from github

But the previous build you would fill out the form and hit submit and the only thing that happened is the form would clear

Would you be able to share a link to the previous deploy then? You can get it by clicking on Preview button in the deploy log page.

Well this is frustrating haha. The link below is the previous build. But now it seems to be working so I am not sure if I am just crazy or what but I know it wasn’t working. Every time I hit submit I would not get the email that it sends me and the form submission did not show up in my Netlify Form Submissions.

But of course now the build from the link below seems to be working.

Well this is frustrating the link below seems to be working now but when it was the live build it was not working. I would submit the form and the form would just clear. It wouldnt send my zap and it wouldnt appear in my form submissions on my netlify dashboard.


Glad to hear it is working for you now! If you end up re-creating the issue, feel free to follow up here.

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