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Netlify Forms: new forms not being recognised?

It seems like a correctly formatted Netlify Form is not being recognised by the Netlify UI (it’s not showing under active forms) or being processed on submit. Form submissions are returning a 404. We noticed this form stopped working recently on new builds. According to the build log, the build seems to recognise the form.

Could it be that the form markup requirements have changed? Or is there an internal issue causing this?


For more details, see the issue on our repo here:-


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Didn’t check your form, but it was/is probably internal. I had recently opened a thread: Form detected in build log, not in UI - #2 by hrishikesh, but as you see, it now works.

I’m sorry, what works? Do you mind explaining? Thanks.

As I said in my post there, it got detected in a day or two without any change on my end. But if you see my build log, my form was getting detected in the log and just not in UI. If your form is not getting detected in log, then there’s something probably wrong with the form.

If your form is not getting detected in log…

As I said in my original post, our form is getting detected in the build log.

If, as you say, it is now taking a a day or two to be detected/start working, then perhaps something is wrong at Netlify’s end, or the form markup requirements have changed?

I just thought that someone might want to investigate this.

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I’d guess something is wrong at Netlify’s end as changing their requirements at a stage where lots of people are using the old one without any prior information would be a mess.

They might already be doing that, or if not, after seeing your (and my) thread, they might take a look.

OK, thanks @hrishikesh

This seems to be an issue with Netlify’s form detection not recognising the contact form on a newly created site.

Interestingly, disabling and immediately re-enabling form detection in: Build & Deploy > Post processing > Form detection causes (in my case) the contact form to be recognised and to accept submissions.

Note that this issue started happening recently without any changes to the form markup.

Yes, that is correct. The issue is indeed there. I was hoping for an official confirmation from the support team but it’s taking longer than usual.

interesting - as far as i can tell we have not made any changes that would affect forms detection in that way.

To clarify - it is working now, correct? I know what you are describing isn’t ideal, but i want to make sure you are not currently blocked.

Hi Perry, I think the issue is still happening on brand new deployments of my project. I will set up a test site tomorrow to try to reproduce the issue so you can see. It was a bit strange!

Please take a look at the test site here:-


After deployment, the contact form is not listed in the Forms > Active forms section of the Netlify UI.

I am having a similar problem. My site has two forms on it, but only one appears to be detected according to the logs. Therefore, only one form appears in the Netlify UI.

The form markup is correct (i.e they have data-netlify=“true” etc), and they have different ‘name’ attributes, including hidden form fields of name=“form-name” (it’s a Gatsby site).

I’ll attach some screen shots.
The ‘Contact’ form is working, the ‘Subscribe’ form is not.
The URL is …

This form is working as expected …

And here is the markup for it …

This other form is not being detected by Netlify …

And here is the markup for it …

Here are the build logs …

And here is the dashboard UI …

Any help from Netlify support would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

I have just come across a support page that might help in my situation …

I’ll update here if I get it to work!

Ok, I got it to work. Yay!

My second form was being rendered in a React modal, so it didn’t exist in the raw HTML source after build.

I have created a separate HTML page that mirrors this form and it’s attributes and fields, so that Netlify can detect it properly.


I don’t link to this from anywhere. It just exists for the purposes of Netlify auto detection.

I can confirm that the Netlify build process is now detecting it, and it is now appearing in the Netlify dashboard (on the Forms page) correctly.


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Glad you got it to work. Good for you.

However my issue remains. And I’m not using React or JavaScript, just standard HTML.

Please can support take a look at the link in my last post?

Hey @danurbanowicz,
This was a super weird one! I forked your repo and removed the name attribute from your submit button: eleventy-netlify-boilerplate-test/form.njk at master · danurbanowicz/eleventy-netlify-boilerplate-test · GitHub

and then the form appeared in my Forms tab + submissions were accepted. Not sure why we fail silently in that case :face_with_monocle: Wanna give that change a shot and see if it gets your form working again?

Thanks @jen ! Yes, removing the name="submit" attribute from the form submit button does cause the form and its fields to be recognised during the Netlify build.

The form is submitting and displaying submissions in the Forms UI correctly.

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