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Form detected in build log, not in UI

I just created a new website. I had the same code already running on another website, but I decided to start with a fresh repo and website. The form was working fine before, but now I’m having a weird error.

My build log shows this:

10:43:42 PM: Starting to deploy site from 'public'
10:43:43 PM: Creating deploy tree asynchronously
10:43:43 PM: Creating deploy upload records
10:43:44 PM: Starting post processing
10:43:45 PM: Post processing - HTML
10:43:45 PM: Processing form - Contact form
10:43:45 PM: Detected form fields:
10:43:45 PM:  - bot-field
10:43:45 PM:  - Name
10:43:45 PM:  - E-mail addres
10:43:45 PM:  - Message
10:43:45 PM: Post processing - header rules
10:43:45 PM: Post processing - redirect rules
10:43:46 PM: Post processing done
10:43:46 PM: Site is live ✨
10:43:47 PM: 0 new files to upload
10:43:47 PM: 0 new functions to upload
10:43:47 PM: Site deploy was successfully initiated

First build log: Netlify App

It indicates that the form is detected.

But the UI shows this:

API ID of website in question is: 5a44a0e5-166c-4567-ad91-6a878aef2504

It just appeared in the UI in one of the deploys from yesterday without changing anything related to forms. So yeah a temporary glitch probably.