Form not detected by Netlify

Hello developers.
I have a problem. My form is not being detected.
I have tried in all ways: with and without post, with the netlify tag, data-netlify=‘true’. But it’s not working for me.

The website is built in SvelteKit, I follow the documentation for simple forms, and it’s not working.
The form is inside an {#each} block, but with their respective tags.

My Website
GitHub repository

What could be the problem, and what would be the solution?

I appreciate your collaboration.

Hi @JosePater,

Thank you for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s Support Forums!

We have a Support Guide here that helps with troubleshooting form issues:

That covers over 99% of form-related issues with our system.

Additionally, we have a Netlify blog post on setting up forms on SvelteKit:

SvelteKit docs also have some information:

Could you look over the resources to see if they help you resolve the issue?

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Hi @JosePater , in addition to the great resources @Melvin shared, kindly also check the additional resource below in case the problem persists.

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