SvelteKit starter app - 404 on Form submission

404 on form submission

My site -

What I have done so far to resolve

  1. Setup form according to official guide - Forms setup | Netlify Docs
  2. Went through Netlify support forum, specially recent threads - [Support Guide] Form problems, form debugging, 404 when submitting
  3. Followed troubleshooting guides - How to use SvelteKit with Netlify Forms
  4. Internet not helping me :frowning:

I see forms are getting processed during build/deploy step -

Somewhere, I read that if final HTML form on the page has netlify tags, it means the form has not been processed. I don’t see netlify tags when I do View Page Source in FireFox. But I do see them when I do Inspect on the form. I’m clueless here now.

Hi @mlb, thanks for the post and welcome.
If you haven’t tried the steps in the Netlify blog link below, kindly check it out to see if it helps.



I missed to pay attention to that hidden magic input to add to the form.

Thank you, happy holidays!

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Hi @mlb, glad to know the blog post shared helped you to resolve your problem.


Hiya @mlb :wave:t6: welcome to the forums! :netliconfetti: Sorry to hear you were having issues with your forms. I’m glad to see that our pilot could help. @clarnx Thanks for linking @mlb to our support guide so they can self solve their issues. Nice interaction y’all! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Happy building. :rocket:

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