Setting up a gitbook subdomain for a netlify hosted site

Hello, i am hosting a site with netlify (, and we want to add a subdomain

I’m not really very knowledgeable in terminology on this front, so havn’t been able to find a guide on how to do this that is explained straight forwardly enough (or is up to date).

I’ve tried adding a new CNAME dns record for this as a starting point but am not sure if that is what i’m supposed to do. If that is correct, how do I then connect a gitbook to that subdomain?


Hi, @daoplays. Do you want the new site hosted at Netlify or elsewhere? If you want it hosted at Netlify, the workflow would be this:

  1. make a new site
  2. connect the Git repo to build the site
  3. add the domain to the site’s domain management settings
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