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Can't create a subdomain with gitbook

My website is hosted on Netlify; It has a custom domain (truebot.xyz). The domain’s name servers are currently pointing to Netlify. Today I finished creating a page on gitbook, and I decided to use a custom domain, which is learn.truebot.xyz. During the configuration of the subdomain, gitbook asks me to create a CNAME record that points to hosting.gitbook.io. So i created the record and waited for a little until the configuration has done. Now, 3 hours has passed and when I try to reach the page at the subdomain, the page shows a Cloudflare 1001 error. How can I solve this problem?

Hi @Sal_Code,

Looks like Gitbook is using Cloudflare and thus, you’re seeing the error. This would mean that Netlify is correctly pointing to the Gitbook domain, but somehow they’re unable to handle the routing. Could you try asking Gitbook for help?

Thanks for the help. I’ll Asl gitbook for help…