Problems with publishing my GitBook to a subdomain

Gitbook reports that it can’t see my CNAME record for, but it’s there, and it has been for more than a day, so I don’t think propagation time is the issue here.

Can you help? Thanks, Richard

I disagree

$ host -t cname
Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

Where have you set this record?

In Domains → DNS settings on Netlify, see screenshot

The record looks correct. Is that the only record for

No, here is the full list:

I asked if there was only one record for not about other records for

I can’t explain why the docs record does not work while the other records do. @SamO or @luke can likely look into the issue for you.

@SamO @luke please?

Gitbook support provided the following answer:

I took a look and it seems like the cname isn’t connecting on Netlifys side.
DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool
Could you check that you have the cname set and you have proxying turned off?

Hi, @richardk. There is an audit logs feature which shows DNS records added and removed. The audit logs are not visible on all plan types but they still exist even when they are not visible.

By examining these logs I see that two CNAME records were created for and then one of the two were deleted. Only one can exist and so the second record, the only remaining record, never actually existed.

The solution for this is to delete the remaining CNAME record so that no CNAME records exist for this domain (the ones for this specific domain not all CNAME records in the zone if there happen to be others). Then, once all CNAME records for have been deleted, add it back again. It should begin working immediately (with no propagation delays) if this is done. However, if not or if there are questions, please let us know.

Thanks Luke!

Sorry for my late reaction, but I had to wrap my head around the metaphysical aspects of records that never should have existed, but do, in an invisible state, but not to all … now shows the gitbook, thanks for your help!