Setting A Record and losing CDN advantages

I am in the middle of setting up a custom domain name for a Netlify deploy. I’m using Google Domains which doesn’t support ANAME or ALIAS records, only A record. Because of this, I am forced to use the A record.

In the Netlify UI, there’s a warning when using A records:


I don’t understand the warning, that is, the ramifications of using an A record. Will this detract from anything or affect how my site is rendered/deployed? What are the actual impacts that I might occur if I go this route?

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The documentation says:

If you instead set an A record for the apex domain, you won’t be able to take advantage of the full Netlify CDN. If your provider lets you set an ALIAS, the full CDN will work. If not, when you serve from your apex domain with an A record, your assets (Javascript, CSS, images) may be served out of a global CDN depending on your deployment settings, but your HTML will be served out of our primary datacenter in the US.

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Thanks for pointing me towards the docs. I’ll take a deeper look. I’m sure it’s possible to set up a custom domain while still being able to take full advantage of the CDN.

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