[Support Guide] Which are some good DNS providers for ALIAS/ANAME support?

There is a limited set of DNS providers that we know have functional support for records compatible with using your apex domain with our Content Delivery Network (CDN). We recommend our own DNS hosting backed by NS1, but customers have also used Flattened CNAME records at CloudFlare successfully. However if you do use Cloudflare’s DNS, please be careful not to use their CDN in front of ours!

By the way, as a reminder: our own DNS hosting works extremely well with our CDN for all hostnames, without any additional configuration, and is free for all customers!

Some providers we cannot recommend is ALIAS or ANAME records provided by folks like Hover, DNS Made Easy, and even NS1 when not used as a service we provide: those “fancy” record types as implemented at those providers hosting is incompatible with the way we do GeoIP routing for our CDN. This often leads to slow site loads or downtime when using them as a result. Any DNS provider works well with Netlify, but you will want to use the A/CNAME record combination in most cases.

This article describes in more detail the different record types and recommended configurations:

If you find another capable DNS host, please let us know in the comments below! We’ll be able to check your site to confirm functionality at a high level.