.de domains can’t be registered through Netlify

site name:

I try to integrate a “.de” domain as a custom domain but neither does my DNS provider support ANAME oder ALIAS records nor can I add the Domain to netlify DNS with above clear error message.

Two ways out I guess:

  • you support .de domains
  • a dns provider supporting ANAME or ALIAS entries

In case someone knows a DNS provider that supports those two requirements, please feel free to post a link.

To be clear, I try to “add” my already existing domain to netlify - the error message is kind of saying that I try to register the domain, which is wrong. I already own the domain and it’s provided by inwx.de

thx in advance,

hi there, i’m a little bit confused. Which is the error message you are receiving?

Also, it sounds like what you are trying to do is replace the NETLIFY record, is that correct?

hey @perry,

so I get exactly “.de domains can’t be registered through Netlify” when trying to add my domain (raesener.de) to netlify.

If you have a look at a different service, something with a cloud and a flare, you can kind of hand over the domain to the server with saying the actual domain provider which nameservers to announce for this domain, AFAIK I need to add the domain to netflix to set at least this option, while the more modern way seems to be to have an ANAME or ALIAS record available.

thx for the answer, please let me know in case I’m still confusing you :slight_smile:

there is an update from my domain provider (inwx) - they’re saying ALIAS and ANAME will be available until mid/end of July…

so, I guess for now my only option is to include “www” in my site.

hm ok, turns out I can just ignore the error message and proceed :man_facepalming:

Hi, @elmcrest, you can also use the A record for the apex domain and a CNAME for www (or any other subdomains).

Those instructions can be found here:

So, you don’t need to wait for ALIAS/ANAME records unless you want to.

As you noted, if using an A record for the apex domain we recommend making the www subdomain (or some other subdomain if you prefer) the primary domain for the site. If you use the A record and make the apex domain primary all traffic goes to a single IP address in California instead of using our global CDN. It works but you are missing out on the full CDN.

If there are other questions (you seemed to have resolved this already though), please let us know.

Hi @luke,

thx for the reply, but using the apex domain is my goal. I’m not familiar yet with the name apex domain, so to be clear https://www.raesener.de should forward to https://raesener.de without a subdomain.

So, I’ve passed the control to the netlify dns server - I guess that solves my issues fully and I will profit from the CDN.

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