Serverless-mysql crashes on Netlify

Hello, I have an application that has a nextjs api routes that work with serverless-mysql. This was working fine until today, when suddenly it has stopped working. In localhost it is working fine so I guess it has something to do with Netlify. The error that I’m getting is a timeout error after 10 seconds. Thanks in advance for the help

Hi Mike,

Sounds like your function is running for more than 10 seconds, which is not something our platform supports by default. In general, we don’t support synchronous functions running for more than 26 seconds, to which we’ll be happy to adjust your timeout once you have a credit card entered (here: Netlify App) if you’d like to try running for up to 26 seconds.

But I’d suggest that your site visitors aren’t going to want to wait 10 seconds for any page to load, so maybe you should figure out how to make it run in less time, not more, for the sake of the visitor experience.

Up to you of course to choose one path or the other :slight_smile: