Serverless Functions either not working, or taking way too long

Hey everyone,

My site id name is bucolic-buttercream-077e9f and my site id is 62fea14c-11ae-48d5-8c6e-8cea9c8fcda2.

My eCommerce website is essentially broken because these serverless functions are not calling correctly. I have tested all the third-party APIs that I use and they all work fine, so it appears to be a Netlify problem. Also, I was hoping I could at least check the logs and see an error but these aren’t even timing out properly? Actually, I don’t think they are even registering as a call, because sometimes, if you wait long enough, you will see it come through CLEANLY in the logs (no errors).

Is this a widespread problem or is this exclusive to my website?

Hi, I followed up on a thread you opened. Are you still experiencing this issue?

Hey SamO,

I actually waited to respond because I wanted to see if it would continue to work. Fortunately, I waited because I am having trouble again. I am getting 504 errors for all my NextJS API calls (serverless calls) and there are no errors being triggered in the logs.

Can you help me on this? Naturally, my website does not work.



EDIT: It just started working… do cold start issues produce 504/502 errors? If so, that might make sense as to why this happening.

How do we reproduce this issue? If I load your website, it appears to be working.