Functions running abnormally slow

I’ve had my site on Netlify for 8 months or so without any issues (abcd8e5b-80d0-4569-b0e0-3befbce890b6). It’s a Next.js website that uses the next/image component to generate images on demand. The source files are located in an AWS S3 bucket. This setup has worked fine up till now, and when running the app locally, each image is generated in under 1s. This has also been the case on Netlify up till now, but suddenly, all of the image generations (run as lambda functions) are taking forever, exceeding the 10s threshold and failing out.

The problem is not the 10s threshold – there’s not any hosting environment where these functions should be running beyond 10s. Is there an issue with Netlify’s servers performing slowly? Anyone else who can shed light on why this would be happening or how to fix it?

Bumping this – the speed on my site is really just tanked – it’s absurd how long it’s taking netlify to run these image transformations.

Is anyone else seeing anything like this? Have a quick fix? I already upgrade to pro to increase the timeout limit to 26 seconds (still waiting for support to actually implement – it’s till 10s), but my site will still perform like a brick – it should be able to generate those images in under a second easily.

Hi @tyhoerr :wave:t6: ,

Sorry to hear your site is being slow. I upgraded your function timeout. Are you still experiencing this? If so, can you please share a Har file?

@SamO Thanks for the response! The timeout limit increase is working – but I’m still hitting the new 26s limit for most of my image transformations – attached is an Har for

Might also be worth mentioning I’ve been using a netlify.toml config with the netlify nextjs plugin as a dev dependency – I updated the version of the netlify plugin last month when forced to by a build error for outdated plugin. I’m not sure when this slow-down began, but it’s possible it’s was when I updated @netlify/plugin-nextjs to 4.30.0. Also might be unrelated :man_shrugging: I haven’t seen any other related complaints in the git repo, so I’m inclined to think it may be unrelated.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can provide – thanks for looking into it. (23.9 KB)

As mentioned in the helpdesk, we would try to discuss with the devs and let you know.