Server IP address could not be found

I no longer have access to .
The website is alive, I checked the DNS, and it’s green ‘Netlify DNS’. Thanks for the answer.

hi there, your site seems live to me? :thinking:

maybe I am misunderstanding? Can you explain in a different way? thanks.

You understand the problem very well, but here’s what I’ve got at home.

This may be a local network problem? I can see the site just fine so it is definitely online. Can you try accessing it differently? Are you trying with an incognito window, sometimes there are browser caching issues, so we always recommend folks check their sites with an incognito window.

I’ve tried the incognito mode, I’m still facing the same problem. I think you’re right, it’s a local network problem because I contacted someone from another city and the site is visible at their home. I used the same process with a person from my city and the problem persists. Do you have any idea how I can solve it? Thank you for your help.

Sorry that you are experiencing this - it is pretty frustrating. We have no way to fix this for you, I’m afraid - if you think that it is the ISP that is blocking you, the only way is to contact them and talk to them about it and hope they can help.

I wish I had better news for you! Good luck.

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Thank you for the quick responses

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