Send an Email when there is a Signup on the Netlify Hosted Site

Hello Community,

So we have managed to setup a website with Netlify Identity and goHugo and all seems to be working good, thanks to the wonderful support and the community here.

However, right now, we have gotten into a common scenario -

The owners of the website are not that tech savvy and do not want to access Netlify’s Identity on the dashboard to see new registrations. And hence, I have the following question -

We want to send out an email to one or more of their Emails whenever users confirm their email. However, we could not find anything on the documents related to this. (Maybe I was searching using wrong words or anything).

Can anyone guide us on this - How to send an email to client’s email when a user confirms the signup on their website.

Thank you for taking your time to read and help.


Netlify Identity provides webhook settings in the UI. You can point it to a custom Netlify Function and send an email from that. There’s no built-in functionality to do what you need.

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So I have to handle it in some Serverless Function and invoke it once the confirm event happens on the Identity?

Would be awesome in case you can provide me a URL or a reference.

Thanks @hrishikesh as always for being there for us.


Hiya, this should hopefully get you sorted: Identity-generated emails | Netlify Docs

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Thank you SamO for the URL.
Oh and sorry that I was not able to login earlier. Hence the delay.

No worries!thanks for writing back in.