Seems like my website is blocked in russia by mistake

Hello. I’ve just updated my site on netlify, went to production domain ( to check, how it works and getting error connection_refused. on my provider it usually means that the site is blocked. i tried to open it from my phone with other provider - all fine.

I’ve checked blocked resources register and find out that the domain was not blocked, but there may be problems, since by other court decisions there is blocked ip address

obviously, my site has no restricted content and i did not recieve any notifications from government about it

what should i do?

You may need to seek a hosting provider that isn’t blocked.

The documentation says that is Netlify’s load balancer.

If the issue is being created by the regional ISP applying the block, it would need to be fixed by that ISP removing the block.

Millions of websites use that IP address. Russia doesn’t ban the domain; it bans the IP address.

This means if Russia decides to ban any of the millions of websites on Netlify it will ban all of the websites on Netlify. Clearly, that doesn’t make much sense but that is what Russia does.